Western Union | $10,000 Transfer



Prince from Reaper Mafia official automated Western Union transfer shop.
To see our sales thread go here: https://m6kshkn2vcovss35.onion.rodeo/showthread.php?tid=4

All Western Union Transfers are done using our own offshore servers and Accounts so you have Nothing to worry about. Information Needed For Western Union Transfer:
First and Last Name | Recipients City | Recipients Country
Queen Galaxy AutoShop sends Western Union Transfers all over the world and customers get MTCN and sender’s details very quick. All orders are processed Immediately after Bitcoin payment has received 1 Confirmation. You Can Pick Up Funds From Any Western union Store in Your Location.
  • Delivery Time: 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • Included: MTCN, Sender Detail
  • For large transaction you will receive in 3 parts like this $3500+$3500+$3000=$10000 all will include only MTCN.